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10 Reasons Why You Should Learning About the Customs of the Country You're Visiting

Then came my first trip to Russia. I immediately noticed that strangers reacted almost with annoyance when I smiled at them. I couldn’t really help it because I was so used to that simple act we perform several times a day in the USA (especially in Hawaii, the Aloha State!) and in Mexico.

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How I Got a Taste of Istanbul in One Day

On the ride from the airport to the hotel, I managed a quick online investigation and picked my priorities. I checked in, all the while tapping my foot nervously as the front desk employee seemed to take forever to go through the paperwork. Finally, I ran to my room, tossed my bags and ran back down, stopped by the concierge and grabbed a handful of sightseeing brochures and got a cab.

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Laughter, Tears and Friendship: Working and Traveling for an Olympic Sport