10 Things That Make Uber a Good Travel Resource

I want to give a special shout-out to Uber. Uber has been like a very reliable best friend to me all over the world:

  1. In Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic Games, Uber got me to the military checkpoint outside the Olympic complex where our Venue was located. Every single day, the driver would refuse to believe that we couldn’t get into the complex and he would do everything he could to convince the guards that I was a VIP visitor. Bless them! Those Brazilian Uber drivers always went above and beyond the call of duty. They took me to office supply stores. They helped me in a city completely unfamiliar to me, always with a smile, always excited to talk about the Olympics. They didn’t speak much English or Spanish, I didn’t speak Portuguese, but we smiled at each other and knew we were going to be alright.

2. In Munich, Germany, where the ISSF headquarters is located, Uber has taken me to office supply stores, to run errands prior to meetings, to have lunch at my favorite place, Vapiano, and to find my tea store Eilles. When I’ve asked if they spoke English, every single one has always said, “A little.” Never had a problem getting where I needed to go.

3. Uber got me from Philly to NYC ! And when the driver saw it would be 4 hours due to traffic, he didn’t even bat an eyelash.

4. In Vienna, Uber quickly got me to the Klimt Museum and made this woman very, very happy that morning. No translation needed.

5. When I was in Columbus, Georgia for competitions in Fort Benning, one morning Uber got me to a Target for some quickie shopping, waited for me and got me back to the hotel in time for a meeting. With a smile and some lovely conversation!

6. In Las Vegas, while on vacation, Uber got me to my Pilates class every morning. No nonsense, no problem. MUCH cheaper than a cab in that city!

7. In Mexico City, Uber has taken me to recording sessions for videos, across the city in bumper to bumper traffic, with lovely air conditioning and safety.

8. In New York, on an 8-hour layover at JFK Airport, Uber got me to Koreatown, where I stocked up on my skincare products.

9. In Los Angeles, on a 12-hour layover at LAX, Uber took me on a little shopping tour of Target (because it’s TARGET!), Whole Foods Market for my vegan vitamins and Starbucks (for a little work). The driver waited for me at every stop.

10. When my sister and I are at work and my mom needs to be somewhere, Uber takes her to her appointments and we can follow her on the app and make sure she arrives safe and sound.